From short films to promotional videos, this video is a small sample of the videography work I have done throughout my time in university and as a videographer at the Georgia Aquarium.


The videos below include some of the Behind the Seas tour videos I've filmed and edited as well as the volunteer recruitment video featured on the website.


In my time at Georgia Tech, I had so much fun creating videos for the campus ministry I was involved in.

Soon MVMT Invitation Video

We wanted to hold an appreciation day for the brothers within our intercampus ministry. With the knowledge that they enjoy playing video games, I used 8-bit style text and graphics as well as incorporated game elements to create a scavenger hunt game based around the theme of the night - campfire.

Filmed and edited by Vivian Lee

Software: Adobe Premiere Pro                               

                 Adobe Photoshop

Sports Day 2016 Promo Video

I was asked to make an promotion video to get people excited for our ministry's sports day. Using footage I filmed during the previous year's event, I created a text-message style invitation to mimic a conversation we might have with each other and incorporated sketch lines to add some fun and eye catching details to the clips.

Filmed and edited by Vivian Lee

Software: Adobe Premiere Pro                                                Adobe After Effects

                 Adobe Photoshop

Higher Calling 2015 Documentary

I was chosen to be a part of a two-person media team throughout a five day winter conference in 2015. We were responsible for filming from day to night in order to capture the events and experiences that took place. On the last night, we were responsible for consolidating and editing all of the footage to be shown on the morning of the last day. Despite the lack of sleep, it was an amazing experience I wouldn't have given up for anything.

Filmed and edited by Vivian Lee and Gabe Auyeung

Software: Adobe Premiere Pro                                                        Adobe After Effects

                 Adobe Photoshop