I was asked to create a banner for Good News Garden church's summer retreat. Given the theme and general information, I decided on a clean design with the background of ocean waves to reflect the theme of "power"and to give the banner a more muted, calm feel.


I designed this banner for a fundraising yard sale at Good News Garden. Given that the banner should attract attention from people passing by, I used bright colors and large easily read font while also creating a design that matched the vibe of a garden to play off the name of the church.


This was a digital banner that was used as a Facebook Cover Page for a fellowship event for an on campus ministry called KC3. I wanted to keep it simple aside from the fun pops of color to attract attention to certain details of the event.


This was a series of mini flyers I created for an end of the year event for Georgia Tech's Soon Movement ministry. I wanted to create a playful vibe by having a variety of vibrant colors, but also keep the information clean and readable. This design was also used by Emory, GSU, and Agnes Scott.

I created this flyer to be handed out as a finals week outreach event in which boxes of pizza were given to students studying for finals late in the library as encouragement. I wanted to make sure the information was concise and pertinent.

My Introduction to Information Design class hosted a showcase event for a game designer named Nina Freeman. We took the general mood and color scheme of her games to create this pastel mosaic background which I then used to create a flyer to be handed out as advertisement for the event.

This was a digital flyer that was posted on Facebook to spread the word of an outdoor game night hosted by GT Soon Movement. The important information was highlighted by a subtle glow of blue and green in order to emphasize the theme of the event.


I came up with 3 different logotypes that incorporated a pictorial logo within the typeface logo. I thought of doing a children's clothing company or a greeting card company, but I decided both were not what I wanted to follow up with. I ended up not going with any of these designs but I realized that I liked a simplistic logo.

For my second, more refined logo, I decided on a cookie shop. I used the o's within the name Cookie Daze to create it into cookies, while also adding a cookie sun on the end. I learned that the addition of three cookies was too much and that I should stick with on or the other. Also, the playfulness of the cookies didn't match with the typeface, so I went on to change that in the final design.

This was the final logo I went with. I stuck with the cookie shop idea but changed the typeface to be more playful and bright, using a font called "Daydream" I took out the cookie drawings and simply kept the cookie sun.


Community Playbook Website Design

My Interaction Design team and I were responsible for designing and creating a website that would help community members connect with their leaders in order to improve the community. After many iterations of functionality and design ideas, we wanted to place the focus on having leaders being able to select the players personal to their organization and allowing general members to find which organization fit best for them.

weSTORY Game Menu and Logo Design

This is part of the design for a welcome page in a game two classmates and I created where players take timer restricted turns writing parts to a story as given by the prompt. At the end, the players have the option to publish their story online. The logo I designed for this particular project used a minimalistic clock symbol to represent the game's focus on player time limit and larger text on the word story.


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